Soccer Tips to Sharpen Your Edge

Soccer players are some of the most in shape athletes on the planet, running (on average) about 6 miles in overall total distance each and every single game they play.
Think about that for a second.
Not only are these athletes forced to run full bore, top speed for extended amounts of time, but they are also asked to just cover an almost ridiculous amount of turf as well – all while juking, passing, and scoring goals.
If you want to make sure that you’re always there to “answer the bell” when your number is called and ready to absolutely dominate the pitch from one end to the next. Here are just a couple of training tips, tactics, and secrets that should help you get at least a little bit of an edge over your competition.
Let’s dive right in!
Fall in love with your ball
The truly great soccer players all over the planet are absolute wizards when it comes to moving the ball with nothing more than their feet (all right, sometimes their bodies, too – and every once and again their heads), capable of manipulating that ball in ways that most people never could have thought possible.
That’s the kind of wizardry that you’re going to need to be able to pull off when you’re up against stiff competition, the kind of wizardry that you’ll only be able to develop and master if your ball is with you almost all the time – and you’re actively practicing your footwork.
Dribble with your soccer ball wherever and whenever you get a chance, focusing on your footwork fundamentals, but also your ability to quickly cut, change direction, and put the ball exactly where you need it to be exactly when you need it to be there.
Think about where the ball is going to be – and then go there
Wayne Gretzky (and absolute legendary hockey player) said that the key to his success over his entire career was his ability to predict where the puck was going to be and then skate there as opposed to reacting to where the puck was – and being late on the play.
It’s absolutely mission critical that you are trying to focus on the tactics and strategy of the game of soccer, learning how to read and react to how players around are attempting to beat your defenses and score so that you can preemptively cut them off, putting them on their heels so that you can attack, attack, attack!