Top banquet halls in the South of the city

Top banquet halls in the South of the city

Finding a banquet hall in Kolkata is honestly not a Herculean task after the evolution of the wide world of the internet. To find a proper Marriage hall in South Kolkata. One only needs to type the words on google which is going to provide the following name as the top ones in their.

1.   Calcutta Boating and hotel resorts- Science city

Banquet halls in Kolkata might be of several varieties, but most importantly what matters is the location of the banquet hall itself. Marriage halls in South Kolkata fall under a huge area of locations, but this particular hall is falling under the dimension of Science city, or Rubi area. Kolkata airport is just 16 kms away from this place, which allows hassle free travel too. This hall is surrounded by a huge lawn area, with a lush greenery that is enough for a good impression.

This Banquet hall in Kolkata provides the compatibility of serving vegetarian dishes, as well as non-vegetarian cuisines. Moreover, as a marriage hall in South Kolkata, this place has the benefit of allowing outside Caterers too, but no decorators. Thi is just eleven kilometres away from Howrah station.

2.   Chowdhury House- Gariahat road

The place is extremely well organised with a spacious area for a huge gathering. The banquet halls in Kolkata are well lit, with a magnificent lawn and grand Banquet with a terrace. A perfect venue as a marriage hall in Kolkata to host any kind of gathering. They have their in house decorators, that allow the benefit of organising any sort of theme Wedding.

It is two kilometres away from the park circus area, which is a nearby benefit for this marriage hall in South Kolkata. As a banquet hall in Kolkata, it has two complementary changing rooms.

3.   Neeldeep Marriage Wedding AC hall- Jadavpur

As a banquet hall in Kolkata, this is an Air conditioned hall that allows the customer to have an extremely budget friendly Wedding. The Marriage hall in South Kolkata, is perfect for any sort of intimate social gathering, like anniversary, birthday and other parties.

4.   Sudha  Marriage hall in South Kolkata- Ballygunge

A marriage hall in South Kolkata, this is extremely perfect for not only weddings but also, birthday parties, anniversary, or anything desired by a customer. It has a chain of banquet halls in Kolkata, which is available all across the city. This is easily accessible as a location, because the Ballygunge junction station is just one kilometre away from the place. It has the facility of inhouse catering, as well as decorators.

The chefs are well trained for the catering service and the decorators are extremely professional in their work. Moreover, as the banquet hall in Kolkata allows complementary changing rooms for the clients.

5.   Mangalam Banquets- Topshia

As a banquet hall in Kolkata this place has to provide the compatibility of allowing a huge mass at once. Perfect for pre-weddings, weddings and any event. Because, this holds a huge area of lawn and outdoor marriage hall in South Kolkata. The staff are well trained for organizing any sort of event without the hassle of staying in with headaches and thinking about the catering all day.

One, can hold overnight functions and the staff is friendly enough with their customers. As a marriage hall in South Kolkata, this offers the freedom of bringing outside decorations too. (Without damaging the interiors of the hall) Howrah junction is just 11.3 kms away from the banquet hall in Kolkata, which is just 25 Minutes of drive time.


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