The trend in gaming world set to change education as we know

The trend in gaming world set to change education as we know

Are you more of a Call of Duty person or playing Scrabble is more your type?  Gaming trends change more rapidly as we speak. From Nintendo’s to Fortnite on PS4, the gaming world has evolved.

Gaming industry changing the education system is not something new. Individuals have been talking about it for some time now, but its involvement in our lives may create a conflict between tech and tradition, though it should not. Gamification is not the typical game-based learning, it is about using the element of games to motivate students towards studies.

In this article, we will discuss, what gamification is, and how the trend in the gaming world is changing the education system and so, let’s discuss the latest trends of the gaming world.

Latest Gaming Trends That You Need To Be Aware Of

In the last decade, technology has evolved a lot, and if you need any evidence of how digital technology has transformed, then, you need to take a look at the gaming industry. The gaming industry has witnessed several major advancements in the last decade.

We have gathered the best gaming trends of 2019 on which every gamer will keep an eye on in the year 2020.

  1. Virtual reality in gaming
  2. Battle Royal
  3. The oculus rift
  4. Open-source gaming
  5. Blockchain-based games
  6. Secondary screens for gaming
  7. Indie Games
  8. Advanced gaming consoles
  9. Mobile gaming
  10. Augmented Reality
  11. Wii U
  12. Smart glass
  13. Sony Cross-play

Trends in the gaming industry are difficult to predict until they succeed but, the threat of Artificial Intelligence is real which will surely push developers. The last year game trends will surely shape trends of the gaming industry in the coming year. The trends that work well in 2019 will be reproduced and improvised in the future years.

These trends have not only evolved the gaming industry, but they have changed the education industry as well. Educational institutes by incorporating gaming trends into their teaching methods have transformed a lot. And by doing this, teachers have witnessed an extraordinary performance by students in the class.

Gamification in Education: The Future of Learning

Technology has been a part of our everyday lives. It will not be inaccurate if we say that it has changed the way we used to live. From the way we work, play, eat, socialize, meet new people to the way we navigate, study and earn, everything has evolved a lot.

Institutes now are searching the benefits of using technology to streamline instructor’s workload, and they have understood that using something that children love, that is games and incorporating it into their education can benefit them in several ways. That’s where the gamification comes in.

What Do You Know About Gamification?

Gamification is a unique approach to education that use video games to enhance and refine the student’s learning process. The main reason to incorporate this in education is to motivate and engage student towards education. There are several features of games that are integrated into gamification, such narrative, opportunities for levelling up, point-based reward systems, or trial and error. It is not necessary that an activity possesses all these aspects in order to be considered as gamification.

How Gamification Does Is Changing Education?

Games now are a great source of learning, assessing and teaching. A study conducted by Best assignment writing service UK has proved that gamification helps a student to retain new information, focus on their studies, and improve their overall performance. This has become possible because of the fact that the kids these days are so into games that if schools incorporate these games into their teaching methods then undoubtedly they can increase student’s engagement.

A fun way of learning, trial-and-error deductive learning, and instant feedback are those aspects that have made gamification so interesting. Students feel more influenced by their decisions, just like they feel when playing a lead character in a game.

Successful Examples of Gamification

Gamification has been a part of education for a long time now and has been extremely successful. The World Peace Game is a political roleplaying game that allows students to explore the connection between nations, similarly, platforms like Duolingo allows students to learn different languages by translating complex sentences for them.

Many teachers have incorporated the latest technologies into their teaching methods and have seen exceptional results. By using these technologies teachers are motivating students to study. Today, gamification is not limited to schools only, universities are also incorporating it into their teaching methods.

Let’s Wrap Up

Technology has evolved a lot in the last decade, and a person who does not believe this can see the advancements in the gaming industry. Educational institutes are incorporating gamification into their teaching methods to engage and persuade the students towards studies. Kids of this generation are so into gaming that they are easily attracted towards gamification techniques.

Gamification is changing the education system and has a positive impact on a child’s learning process. The examples mentioned in this article will help you in understanding how gamification is improving your child’s learning. For more articles related to gamification, you can visit Best Assignment Writer.

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