Birthday Dessert Ideas Other Than A Cake

Birthday Dessert Ideas Other Than A Cake

There are various occasions and celebratory events that grace our calendars, but the one that is honoured like none other is birthdays. Whether it’s a birthday of a child or an adult; it’s special. If it’s special, there has to be a special sweet treat as well. So, for all your birthdays and birthdays of your closed ones, here is a list of desserts other than a cake that should be included in the menu. Of course, a cake is a must, so that’s not even an option.

  1. Unicorn Doughnuts: A doughnut is a fried confection with tasty toppings. Whether you are throwing a magical unicorn birthday bash or not, unicorn doughnuts are the sure way to sway the children at the party. Bake the doughnuts like you do regularly. Then, in a piping bag, take unicorn frosting and decorate the doughnuts. Then, sprinkle some unicorn sprinklers, and confetti. Let your inner unicorn imagination shine through.
  • Cake Pops: Just like lollipops, there are cake pops. The little kids at the party will love eating them because they are handy (kids can just roam around with their cake pops in their mouths). Plus, it’s easy to bake in different sizes, shapes, and flavours. Bake a cake, then crumble the cake to make balls or any other shape. Dip it into chocolate syrup or any other flavourful dip, insert sticks and refrigerate it until it hardens. You can further decorate it with sprinkles or ganache.
  • Ice-Cream Cone Cupcakes: When in doubt, cupcake it out. This time, bake cupcakes with a twist in an ice-cream cone. Each guest can enjoy their piece of cake while holding it in their hands. Bake cupcakes and put it in ice-cream cones, then swirl it with chocolate and vanilla frosting or ice-cream frosting. You can choose the flavour as per your choice. For the additional wow factor, add a cherry on the top.
  • Chocolate Brownies: Everyone loves brownies, whether kids or adults. If you want your guests to have a scrumptious experience, then bake brownies with a dash of cocoa powder for the rich taste and layer it on the top with creamy chocolate frosting. Just a bar of brownie is enough to make them go yummmm–yummm!
  • Red Velvet Trifle: An easy indulgent to tantalise the taste buds. What could make this custard, jam, fruit, and whipped cream trifle exotic and delicious? Thick slices of red velvet cake. Prepare all the ingredients separately. You could also avail red velvet cake delivery in Ghaziabad at your doorstep to ease your burden. Chop the fruits, prepare custard using custard powder, use store-bought whipped cream and just assemble the layers of your trifle.
  • Chocolate Oreo Cookies: Upgrade your Oreo cookies to chocolate Oreos and make them more delicious to taste and eat. It’s easier to make than said. Take Oreo cookies, melt chocolate with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Dip your Oreo cookies in the melted chocolate and refrigerate them until set. That’s all! Wasn’t it easy-peasy? If you wish, you can drizzle melted white chocolate cream on the cookies.
  • Funfetti Cake Bars with Chocolate: Get the birthday party started on a delicious note with these cake bar appetizers. Bake a thick cake with sprinklers and gems in the batter. Cut the cake into square bars and drizzle some chocolate syrup over it. Gooey and chewy to eat, this will steal the hearts of everyone at the party, even the young folks.

As we said earlier, it’s a birthday, so a cake is a must. In addition to the cake, serve these sweet treats to make the celebrations happier and merrier.


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