Details about Ketamine Treatment for Chronic Pain

Details about Ketamine Treatment for Chronic Pain

Many people in the United States suffer from chronic pain that never shows even the slightest signs of ending. From back pains, joint pains, neck pains to knee pains, the suffering they bring are unmeasurable. What makes it even more drastic is that there has never been a commonly agreed treatment method for chronic problems. There are many theories and practices, but many of them have never shown consistent results as they can work on one person but not the other.

Amongst the long list of possible chronic pain solutions is Ketamine infusion. An old drug marred with controversies of many side effects and life risks now shows to be the savior of the world. Initially, people used this drug for recreation with increased abuse cases, and many issues abound. Anyone who hears the word Ketamine will associate it with long-gone days of street abuse and all that.

This drug, however, evolved from being a street recreation thing into a useful medicinal drug. For over 50 years and counting, doctors have used it mostly for anesthetic during surgery. When it comes to Ketamine’s prowess in dealing with chronic pain, doctors have many suggestions and theories on its success. This therapy’s highly contested aspect is the right dose and means of delivery due to widespread controversies of possible side effects.

Using Ketamine for Chronic Pain

The issue of the right dose and means of application aside, when should someone consider using Ketamine. Well, two types of patients with chronic pain may benefit from this medication. For one, any patient with chronic pain that has not had much success with other pain relief methods have the liberty to use this medication. Patients who are considering or are set to undergo surgery, no doubt, will find this drug of great value.

Over time Ketamine, treatment for chronic pain has worked in several cases. Conditions such as cancer, CRPS, neuropathic pain, phantom pain, sickle cell disease, and just any other conditions that may result in chronic pain are where doctors can apply this drug to maintain the problem. A sad shortcoming is the incapability of Ketamine to offer consistent results. It does not provide an everlasting treatment option but just a pain relief technique that often leaves people in pain in the long end.  

What makes it Special?

It is imperative that Ketamine treatment for chronic pain falls short on long-term expectations with controversies abound. However, Ketamine is the only therapy that provides relief where other methods fail. Besides, they are excellent options for addictive opioid pain medications that, in most cases, have led to addiction at worse. The controlled infusion often offers an immediate effect on the pain that can last for a couple of days. This shows that Ketamine is the only option that assures little side effects on appropriate use.


Nothing in this world comes with no side effects, and Ketamine treatment for chronic pain cannot differ. Ketamine comes with some side effects on high dosages, including hallucinations, vivid dreams, out-of-body experience, and unusual thoughts.


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