How Much Does Non Surgical Fat Reduction Cost?

How Much Does Non Surgical Fat Reduction Cost?

Did you know that every year at least 2.8 million people die from complications that are related to too much weight? If you are trying to do something about your weight and are considering going with non surgical fat reduction instead of invasive surgery, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn how much you can expect to pay and the ins and outs of this surgery option.

How Much Does Non Surgical Fat Reduction Cost?

The truth is that non invasive fat reduction costs vary based on the location, the doctor, and the doctor’s experience. The average cost is $1,376 for the procedure itself but there are extra expenses that might bring the cost up such as medication, medical tests, compression garments, and surgical facility costs.

Keep in mind that this type of surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure, therefore it is not covered by insurance. There are quite a few offices that offer their own in-house financing to make the procedure more affordable.

Our biggest tip is not to choose your surgeon based on cost, choose them based on quality, experience, and training instead. This will ensure that you get the best results.

Non Surgical Options

There are two different devices currently used for non surgical fat removal. One is cryolipolysis and the other is ultrasound. With the cryolipolysis option, a controlled type of frostbite is used to disrupt the data.

When the fat cells freeze with the frostbite, it is almost like they “die” and are absorbed into the body over a period of time. Depending on how much fat has to be frozen will determine how many treatments are needed.

The second option is an ultrasound which can be compared to the sunlight, just like a magnifying glass can focus on a piece of paper and ignite it, ultrasound energy can cause a similar reaction. The fat near the focus point is injured with the ultrasound and the body slowly absorbs the damaged fat which is why the results are seen between four to eight weeks later.

Make sure you take the time to ask the plastic surgeon what treatment they feel is best for your needs.


One of the pros of going with a non surgical route is that there is very little to no downtime after treatment. There is also very minimal discomfort after each treatment session. Another major pro is that you are not left with an incision afterward while it still diminishes stubborn areas of unwanted body fat.


One of the cons that keep people from taking the step forward is that it can’t be taken care of in one treatment, you will need multiple treatment sessions to produce the results that you want. Sometimes a patient might end up with a small burn caused by the ultrasound devices.

Another con is that sometimes there is temporary numbness or redness in the area that is treated.

Preparing for Surgery

During your initial consultation, you will receive instructions on what to expect on the day of treatment. The surgeon will also ask you to stop smoking before your treatment to help you heal faster. They will also give you a list of anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin to avoid taking because it can increase bleeding.

Most of the treatments will take less than an hour depending on how large or small the area is. If you are treating a few different areas it can take up to several hours. You normally do not need anyone to drive you home afterward but in some cases, the surgeon might recommend it, so make sure you ask them during your initial consultation.


The great news is that there is very little if any, recovery. Most patients have a completely painless procedure and they can return to completely normal activity right away. The surgeon will give you complete post-treatment care instructions such as skincare, signs of complications to look out for, and the normal symptoms that you might experience.

Right after your treatment, you might have a little bit of swelling and temporary skin redness. In some cases, a patient might receive a pain medication prescription (mainly if the area treated is huge). Usually, you will see a noticeable fat reduction amount in the area that is treated within one to two months after the procedure.

Results You Can Expect

Thankfully the results for non surgical fat reduction are permanent because an adult body does not produce new fat cells. When fat cells are destroyed and removed, you will not gain weight in those treated areas because when you gain weight existing fat cells expand. When there are not fat cells to expand then the treated area will not grow.

It is a good idea to maintain a relationship with your surgeon because if you ever notice any changes in the treatment areas you want to return for an evaluation. Also, any concerns or questions make sure that you contact your surgeon’s office right away.

Feeling Like a Non Surgical Fat Reduction Pro?

We hope that now that you know the ins and outs of non surgical fat reduction, you can make an informed decision whether or not you want to move forward with surgery that is not invasive. If you really want to have a trimmer appearance but not have to go through surgery then this might be the best option for you.

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