How to Add a Zonbase Chrome Extension to Your Website?

How to Add a Zonbase Chrome Extension to Your Website?

In very early stages of transformation, most companies simply set up Google Analytics to understand the competition and optimize their site for maximum exposure. You can Go Now to Amazon website to learn more about amazon and its extensions. But as search engines have become more advanced, Google’s algorithms have begun to factor in relevant keywords, topics, and content type. Now, SERPs are looking at your site in a much more nuanced way.

ZonResearch gives you access to the products’ internal pages.

  1. Use to perform a keyword or product search.
  2. The ZonResearch Chrome Extension will open while you are viewing the Amazon results page.
  3. You will notice important background information from ZonBase’s database as well as from
  4. Predicted monthly sales per product and the level of keyword competition are shown.

Know about zonbase

From SEO to social media, the world of digital transformation is heating up. Companies are striving to become more productive and effective at work while also staying connected at the same time. To do this, they’ve got to have a great page-verification system in place. That means having the right articles on your site, relevant information about your company, and good examples of customer experiences to guide your readers. Zonbase is a one-stop shop for Amazon merchants looking to locate honorable mention products online. The following tools are available from Zonbase: reverse ASIN, keyword analysis, brand ranking tracker, hidden niche, revenue estimate, list optimization, and more. 

The benefits of Zonbase include autopilot, a top-notch team for product verification, an available photo enhancer, a 7-day free trial, and the ability to quickly find a profitable niche market. It also has a tool for estimating sales, which is a great way to check the sales of any ASIN. Researching keywords is simple with ZonBase Free Amazon Training. Since Zonbase’s user interface has a very similar layout to Jungle Scout’s, it will actually be quite simple for you. The existence of only two price plans is the only drawback that we and the users can identify. They claim that more cost and payment choices would be preferable.

Not all search results are displayed?

Make sure your address is set to one that corresponds with your marketplace when using the Chrome Extension. e.g., in the USA. Unfortunately, Google does not yet permit extension capabilities to be used on tablets or mobile devices (this is not a ZonGuru issue; this is an issue with Chrome). Therefore, in order to utilize the Chrome Extension, you must use a laptop or desktop.

Reinstall the Chrome Extension after removing it first

The ZonGuru Chrome Extension can be uninstalled and then reinstalled to solve the majority of Chrome Extension problems:

  • Launch Chrome
  • The ZonGuru icon is located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Then select “delete from Chrome.”
  • Visit the Chrome Store
  • Browse ZonGuru
  • Install ZonGuru
  • Using your ZonGuru login information

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