Install the Latest Equipment and Software in your Medical Lab

Install the Latest Equipment and Software in your Medical Lab

While technology continues to improve the productivity of medical laboratories, the real task is ahead of the professionals to instil the same in their practice. They need to align their services with the latest equipment and software to enhance patient safety, resource utilisation, the efficiency of services, and so on.

Loan for medical professionals is now a popular concept, enabling doctors to go a step ahead in their practice by upgrading their resources such as laboratory essentials, tools, devices, medical equipment, software, etc.

Best medical equipment for laboratories

Here are some of the devices and equipment every medical laboratory must have-

  1. Plate reader – Also known as microplate photometers or microplate readers, this instrument is used to detect the physical, biological, or chemical activities of the samples in microtiter plates. The use of plate readers is mostly prevalent in drug discovery and manufacturing processes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.
  2. Plethysmograph – This is an instrument required to measure changes in volume within a particular organ or the entire body, which results from fluctuations in the amount of blood or air it contains.
  3. Blood bank refrigerator – This is an essential piece of equipment which provides safe and convenient storage of blood samples and ensures the intactness of the blood components.

Purchasing the best blood bank refrigerator could be quite expensive. This can, however, be overcome by utilising a loan for professionals.

  1. Carbon dioxide incubator – Carbon dioxide incubators are used to execute cultivation of cells and tissues under controlled temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide content. In certain appliances, oxygen and nitrogen content is also adjustable. To back the expenses of installing the best incubator in a laboratory, professionals can use a loan for doctors.
  2. Bioanalyser or DNA-analyser – It is a chip-based capillary electrophoresis machine which is used to study RNA, DNA, and protein. This machine has a vital role to play in next-generation sequencing (NGS), biopharmaceutical, genome editing, gene expression, etc.

A good amount of time and expense might be required to install the best equipment in a medical laboratory. Hence, a doctor loan helps professionals buy the best medical tools and equipment, and not employ their savings, which they might have preserved for other concerns.

Latest software to maintain medical laboratories

Not realising the importance of the best medical software is one of the common mistakes that affect a doctor’s business.

Some names of the latest medical laboratory software are named below –

  1. Apex LIS.
  2. eLa.
  3. Prolis.
  4. Avalon LIS.
  5. Medisoft.
  6. CloudLIMS.
  7. LabCollector LIMS.

Considering all the ins and outs of laboratory management, professionals often feel a financial strain. Loans for medical professionals are now provided by many lenders to meet specific fund needs of professionals.

Such loans are available from NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv. The company provides loans to help doctors address their personal as well as professional expenses.

The NBFC also brings pre-approved offers that save time as well as facilitate loan availing in a hassle-free manner. These offers are available on a host of financial products like business loans, personal loans, etc.

Greater efficiency of medical laboratories will help overcome bigger challenges of the healthcare sector. Clinical laboratories are an indispensable part of healthcare; these also play a vital role in making direct improvements in the lives of patients and increasing effectiveness in the services provided by medical professionals. Loans for medical professionals can thus primarily be used to upgrade laboratory essentials.


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