Thai lottery for winning large jackpots

Thai lottery for winning large jackpots

A majority of people these days like to play lottery games in order to generate more jackpot prizes. Thai lottery is the official lottery of Thailand which allows players to win maximum amounts. There are two types of lotteries available for players and they can pick the right one which fulfil their expectations. They include Thai government lottery tickets and Thai charity lottery tickets enabling players to win huge amounts. The only difference between them is the bonus prize and a player should gather more information about them from different sources.

About Thai lottery 

Thai lottery tickets are available with pre-printed numbers and there is no need to select the digits. Drawings happen in the 1st and 16th of every month. Thai government lottery tickets offer three million bahts (Thai currency) prize and a bonus prize of 30 million bahts. On the other hand, the Thai lottery tickets provide the same prize amount with a bonus prize of 22 million bahts. They have a set of rules which are entirely different from other national lotteries. A player should follow them properly while buying a lottery ticket and the costs of tickets may vary.

Thai lotto prizes

It is important to know the prizes before buying a lottery ticket. The lottery which is run by the Government Lottery Office (GLO) offers prizes under different categories. One can even acquire the tickets from all licensed retail outlets. It provides special prizes up to 2 players which carry 50,000 baht. Those who will match 3 numbers will get a prize amount of around 2,000 baht. Players who match 2 numbers can receive a prize of 1,000 baht. At the same time, players should follow the instructions in detail while buying a ticket.

How to check the results?

Players who want to check Thai Lotto 2020 results should visit GLO’s official website. It will update them quickly when a new drawing occurs. Apart from that, there are some websites which publish the results enabling players to know them as soon as possible. They even give ways to receive the notifications and emails to an inbox. A player should bookmark one such platform for gathering more details about the results immediately. In fact, a player should have a reliable source of information while checking the lotto results which can help to gain more ideas.

How to claim Thai lotto prize amounts?

A person should be a citizen of Thailand while purchasing a lottery ticket. Players who won large prizes should make a trip to the GLO headquarters in Nonthaburi. GLO will issue a cheque after winning a prize and winners should bring the ticket along with a personal identity card. Moreover, players have to fill an application form for claiming the prize amounts. Thai lotto includes local taxes and players should aware of them in detail. Besides that, players can even contact the GLO Department of prize amounts through phone to know more about prize claims and other things enabling them to experience peace of mind.


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