The Beginner’s Guide to Taking Iron Supplements

The Beginner’s Guide to Taking Iron Supplements

It’s no secret that optimizing your health is a great way to improve the quality and length of your life. This can mean getting out and being more active and eating nutritious foods. For some, it means making up deficiencies through supplements.

One such supplement is iron. Iron is a critical micronutrient that supports the production of red blood cells. It also helps carry oxygen throughout your body.

If you’re interested in making sure that you’re as healthy as possible, then you might be thinking about taking iron supplements. Read on to learn everything you need to know about them!

Who Needs to Be Taking Iron Supplements?

Iron supplements are a fantastic way to make sure that you are meeting your nutritional needs, but not every single person needs to take them.

Who should be taking iron supplements?

Anyone who is deficient in iron should be taking iron supplements. Symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, difficulty concentrating, shortness of breath, and many more. Your doctor can test your blood to see if your iron levels are high enough.

If they’re especially low, you may be considered to be anemic. People who follow a vegan diet may also struggle with anemia because they eat fewer iron-rich foods such as beef, chicken liver, and fish.

How Do You Find High-Quality Iron Supplements?

If you’re someone who could benefit from iron supplements, then you should consider searching for high-quality iron supplements, like iron supplements from Vitabiotics.

Look for slow-release varieties of iron supplements to keep your iron levels steady throughout the day. Some supplements contain additional vitamins and minerals to increase absorption, reduce stomach upset, and enhance your energy levels.

Ask your doctor how much iron you should take each day. Taking too much iron can have adverse health effects.

How and When Do You Take Them?

Taking an iron supplement requires some thought as to how and when you take them.

Certain foods you eat may reduce your body’s ability to absorb the iron from your supplements. These foods include dairy products and tea. On the other hand, foods rich in vitamin C enhance iron absorption.

You should take your stomach on an empty stomach with water or a drink containing vitamin C, like orange juice. You’ll also want to avoid eating for a few hours after taking your supplement or, at a minimum, avoid dairy products and other foods that interfere with absorption.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Health?

Taking iron supplements can help improve your overall health and boost your energy levels, among many other benefits! Make sure that you do your research on the supplements you’re considering taking, and take them at the right time. You’ll be feeling a difference before you know it!

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