Tips For Camping With Wildlife

Tips For Camping With Wildlife

Ever dreamt of spot a tiger or a pack of wolves close to you? So, leave your humdrum life behind and explore the wildlife from mere feet away from your campsite. Summer is a great time to venture deep into the wilderness and explore nature and its work. Wildlife camping can be a daunting experience if you are going for the first time and there are certain rules and restrictions that you will need to abide by. Below, we have listed down some tips that will keep you and the wildlife protected and giving you an opportunity to explore great outdoors.

  • Research More About Your Campsite – Read and learn more about your campsite and destination you are heading to before you step out of your home. Make sure that you have researched about the species that you want to see. Doing this will make you aware of the animals and species that are breeding over there. On top of that, you will get to know about the presence of possibly dangerous animals so you can be cautious of while stepping outside your camp. Venomous snakes, bears are common when you are camping for wildlife and you need to be the utmost care while camping with wildlife.

  • Keep your food safe – while you are exploring nature, in your absence, animals such as bears can attack your food and beverages. Well, this can be dangerous for them and you will have no meal to feed on. So, before you step outside of your home, make sure that you have stored your food and beverages in a camping cooler which is durable and robust to withstand the attack of wild creatures. We have read Engel Coolers Review and we reached the conclusion that they are the best when you are camping with wildlife. Another thing is that you must not leave any trash unattended at your campsite. Make sure to keep your campsite clean and take care of the trash before going out.

  • Never Approach Animals – Make sure that you are abiding by the rules and one of the rules of camping in wildlife is to never approach the animals even for clicking selfies. No matter how small or big an animal is if he feels threatened, it won’t take a minute to pounce on you and attack you. So, make sure that you never approach wildlife since it might pose a threat to them. Well, if you wish to click photos, make sure that you are at a good distance from the position of the animal.

  • Don’t Feed Animals – While it might be tempting to feed some of your food to these wild animals but doing is against the law and you will be a perpetrator to do this. On top of that, feeding them can be jeopardy and the food might be unhealthy for them. So, make sure that you are not feeding animals any sort of food to them.

  • Leash your dog properly –  In case, if you are going out with your dog, don’t forget to leave them alone or unattended at your campsite. Make sure that your pet is leashed so that it won’t be able to move freely in the wild area. Well, if they are allowed to roam freely, they can easily get off-trail and lose their way. There are many distractions in the wildlife that can attract your pet to an unfamiliar trail. Your pet will become vulnerable because of plenty of wild creatures in the area and he might become their prey. Not only this, but your dog can also kill small species or any other animal. So, you must not leave your pet unattended.

  • Carry Right Gear – Having the right gear with you can be comforting and helpful in times of need. You must be carrying snake boots if you know that the area you are in is harboring venomous snakes. Make sure that you have the first-aid kit stowed in your backpack to treat large gushes of cuts and wounds or in case of any unfortunate event. Apart from that, if you have your pet accompanying you, you need to have a pet-specific first-aid kit to look after them. Apart from that, if you are passionate about wildlife camping, you can bring a colorful sketch and notebook to draw your observation and keep a record of everything.

  • Make Some Noise – You never know when a wild animal creature gets so close to you especially when you are trailing at night. So, if you find any wild animal gets close to you, the idea is to make a loud noise that will scare them to leave the place. Apart from that, you can bang metal accessories on the ground to keep them away. No matter how small an animal is, we advise you to never entertain them.


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