If you are thinking of becoming a singer, you need to put in place a lot of effort and practice apart from your talent. Since seeing all the singing stars around, you may feel fantasized, but even they have to get through all the obstacles and difficulties on their way up to the top. Sayema Sahar, one of the Indian film industry’s most renowned singers, also talks about her struggles within the same domain. As per her, there’s nothing that can stop you from becoming a star if you have the right talent and approach to it.

She also says an aspiring singer must always push its limits to find that right tone and pitch in their voice. That said, let’s look at some of Sayema Sahar‘s first tips in the same regard.

  1. Practice while in a standing posture

Sayema Sahar quotes all aspiring singers who need to practice in a standing position through their singing. For this, she offers the excuse that sitting sometimes hampers your air because your core muscles weaken. Eventually, the right breath does not reach your throat, and for that particular performance of singing, you cannot give your best. He also says the person must be in a relaxed position as he brings his / her upper jaw to the roof. It would allow the air to pass into your throat, and you would then be able to get your voice to the best pitch and tone.

  1. Right breathing technique

Another essential aspect that you have to look after is the correct breathing technique. Breathing means that the voice box in our throat receives the amount of air required to get the right pitch and tone for the singing session. As per Sayema Sahar, you have got to learn the practice of breathing to get the most out of your speech in the process.

  1. Know your range

To become a better singer, it is essential to be conscious of their full repertoire and the sweet spot where their voice comes out as the strongest. It is a given that each person has a range different from others, and that is where they need to stick to it in the process. There are seven types predominantly Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Alto, Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass. As per Sayema Sahar ABP, while you go out and perform on stage or in the lab, understanding the repertoire holds the key.

  1. Warm-up

Last but not least, before you get along with your chanting performance, you have to do the necessary warm-ups. It involves extending your ears, tongue, and other vocal sections to brace your neck and lungs for the real stuff in a particular manner. It would be best if you practiced the famous “Ohh wee ooh” trick, as per Sayema Sahar ABP, which can raise the throat and voice in terms of the sound scales and tones.

  1. Do proper breathing

Another significant aspect through which all the aspiring singers must focus on is the active process of breathing. Although we recognize that singing long phrases and’ alaaps’ can allow you to get high with the pitch and sound, without an impactful breathing method, you cannot make it useful. As per Sayema Sahar, both aspiring singers need to know about the body’s breathing apparatuses while also putting into practice other exercises linked to oxygen.  All the singers will keep up and ready for any particular challenge in terms of the pitch or tone needed for an album.

All you need to do is to follow these steps, and Sayema Sahar says that you will be the next singing sensation.



  1. You really have to follow all the tips and suggestions given by Sayema sahar here. She has been that one person who has reached to the top of the success ladder with all the hard work and dedication in the process.

  2. Having the right posture is quite a big requirement to deliver the best performance on stage and sayema sahar has rightly highlighted this point for all the Aspiring singers.

  3. Sayema sahar has brought up the best tips and suggestions for all the people who would like to become a successful singer in the Bollywood industry. She must be appreciated for this lovely gesture.

  4. It is not easy to become a good singer but if you have got the right talent and dedication while following all the above mentioned tips and suggestions by Sayema sahar, you can certainly make it big in the singing world.

  5. Sayema sahar has rightly pointed out the importance of breathing technique in order to improve your singing abilities. There is a reason why she has often been termed one of the best singers in India

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