Why Factory Auditing Is Important?

Why Factory Auditing Is Important?

For producing your product you may have found a factory who has promised to deliver you the quality you are looking for. They further have agreed that they will provide you that on time. Now, the question is whether you should place the order or take some more time to get confirmed about the factory?

You can place your order but after a successful factory auditing China.

What is a Factory Audit?

A Factory audit will help you get the snapshot of the factory as a whole on a particular time. An auditor will be appointed and they will visit the factory with a checklist. They will verify and check things out there as per the checklist and then provide you a report. This report will confirm that everything that is claimed by the factory is true.

With a factory audit you will be able to know that if the factory is actually capable of processing your order or not. You can be sure about their capability as well as capacity. You can know whether they have the capability to complete the product on time. Along with that you must check if they have the capacity, that is they have everything required for producing the product as per desired quality.

Types of Audits You Shouldn’t Overlook

Your supply chain will decide your growth and thus it is necessary that you choose the factory wisely and in this factory auditing China is most important. You must do the following audits by a third party who are expert in doing audits.

Quality Audits

While performing this audit, the auditor will verify the Qualify Management System of the factory and its effectiveness. There are certain international standard and they will verify according to that. Thus, with this report in hand you can be sure that whether you can be sure about the quality of products once you place order with them.

Social Compliance Audits

You must work with such factories who maintain the local labor laws. This will ensure that they will not face any problem in near future and for this social compliance audit is must. The audit will let you know if there are any kids working in the factory. You will also able to know if they are doing proper work shifts. This report will confirm whether the factory meets all the local laws compliances.

Why do You Need a Factory Audit?

With the above discussion it must have been clear that what is factory audit and why it is important. When you do factory audit before finalizing any deal with the factory you can be sure about the terms that they are mentioning. You are not only listening to their ‘words’ but you are checking out everything yourself.

Moreover, when you are working with China Factory or other Asian factories language can be barrier. They may commit something without actually understanding your language, as English is their second language. Thus, if you do a factory auditing you can be sure about the factory and its performance.


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