Why Newbies Should Choose the Higher Timeframe

Why Newbies Should Choose the Higher Timeframe

Trading timeframe plays an important role to make profits. Being a trader, if you fail to trade the right timeframe, you can’t make money. Pro traders don’t underestimate the importance of the right timeframe. Because, they know, to make large profits, they need to choose the right timeframe. In the market, many newcomers try to trade the lower timeframe. For this reason, they get low signals and thus fail to make good profits. However, to do well, it’s important to trade the higher timeframe.

However, in this post, we’ll demonstrate, why you need to choose the higher timeframe. We hope it would help you to make the right decision. So, read the article carefully.

Higher timeframe acts as a filter

If the chart is 4 hours or more than that, it would be called a higher timeframe. On the other hand, if the chart is less than four hours, it would be called a lower timeframe. In the lower timeframe, you may not find the trend. But, if you analyze the daily timeframe, you may find the trend and can trade properly. Being a trader, if you can apply the trend trading strategy, you might earn more. However, if you try to find out the trend in the one-minute timeframe, you can’t identify the trend properly. That’s why you should avoid trading in a lower timeframe.

In the higher timeframe, you might get clear pictures of the market. As a result, it would become easy for you to take the right actions. But, in the lower timeframe, you won’t get the proper information. So, if you want to increase your probability of winning, you should choose the right option. To know more about the importance of higher time frame trading method, visit Saxo Bank and learn more about the higher time frame trading method. It will definitely help you to execute quality trades.

Can trade with patience

To trade with relax, you should trade the higher time frame. Because, in this timeframe, you don’t need to rusk. Bear in mind, if you try to take any steps quickly, you may face troubles. Because you may make mistakes. So, being a trader, you should take the decision by thinking properly. Or else, you can’t take the right measures. As in the higher timeframe, you don’t need to think about the short movement and you can get the time between openings and closing the positions, so you don’t need to do hurry On the other side, in the lower timeframe, you might face difficulties as you have to take the quick decision.

Get the profitable trade setup

Without getting high-quality trades, you may not get success. If you trade the higher timeframe, you may get the quality trades which might aid you to do better. In the lower timeframe, you might get the lower signals. As a result, you can’t get the rewards. Keep in mind, it’s very important to choose the right trades. If you start over trade, you’ll ultimately face the loss. But, if you can choose the better trades, you might get a good result. However, always make the decision depending on the situation of the market. Or else, you might face troubles.

Keep a simple strategy

By keeping the simple strategy, you may perform better. In terms of a higher timeframe, you don’t need to use a complicated strategy. Remember, by trading the lower timeframe, you can’t make large profits. But, by choosing the higher timeframe, you can make a big sum of money. Pro traders try to keep everything simple. That’s why they are now successful. So, if you want to do better, you should consider this fact.

So, we think, you’ve understood the importance of trade in a higher timeframe. So, start trading and try to make your decision wisely. Or else, you can’t get success in the market. To secure financial freedom, it’s important to choose the better option.


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