10 genius ways to recycle Custom Cookie Boxes

10 genius ways to recycle Custom Cookie Boxes

Cookies are always one of the favorite snacks for all. These tasty treats are irresistible and can surely make anyone tempted. The crispy textures of cookies always make them highly prone to damage as they can even get cracked by a slight knocking. This is the reason the bakers always prefer to pack these delicate sweet delights in cookie boxes.

These boxes work effectively for the protection of biscuits. But have you ever thought of what happens to the empty packaging after the product is consumed? Most of the time, they are thrown to the waste. But you can repurpose them easily in a creative way by making crafts out of them.

The following are some of the most useful ideas which you can consider for the repurposing of these boxes.


Custom printed cookie boxes are always creatively designed and have alluring graphics on them. You can reuse these empty boxes for gifting purposes. You can use them for the encasing of small gift items. The eye-popping graphics on these boxes can help you in the creation of appealing presentations for your favor purpose in the best ever manner.

DIY Pen Stand

Pen stands always come handy in office and work environment as they provide a utility of keeping the desk organized. You can use empty cookies containers in order to make these stands at home. You simply need to have some empty containers with other essential resources such as scissors, glue, and wrapping paper.

  • Cut two empty boxes from the top, in order to make a cavity for housing stationery
  • Glue the containers with one and another
  • Wrap them by using printed wrapping paper

Small Paper Bin

Paper bins always come handy in order to minimize any risk of creating a mess. You can make use of empty cookie containers to make one for you. You just need to cut the box in half by using a paper cutter and embellish it with wrapping paper.

Drawer Divider

You can also make use of cardboard from these empty containers for making drawer dividers out of them. These dividers always work effectively to keep all the small items in a drawer tidy and clean. You can select the number of dividers in accordance with your requirements and amount of items. These dividers not only help in keeping the drawer space organized but also help in finding the required item on time.

Cardboard Lanterns

Using empty cookie packaging for making cardboard lanterns can be the best and creative way of recycling the boxes. You can use a paper cutter to cut the customized size of windows in empty containers. Cover the cut windows with glace paper of different colors. Use LEDs t internally light these lanterns.

Recycled Craft Storage

You can also make use of custom cookie packaging for storing your small items in the most effective way. This style of storage will not cost you anything, and you can keep all the supplies organized. You simply need empty boxes of different sizes and can also glue them together for the creation of a big storage unit, comprised of small partitions.

City Model

Empty boxes from cookies can also be used for making model cities. These boxes are available in both small and big sizes, and you can make use of them as buildings in the model city. You can color the boxes with acrylic paint and embellish them with small windows. Cardboard can also be acquired from cutting the boxes open, and it can be used for making streets and signs out of them.

Wall Art

These boxes can also be used for elevating the visuals of your living space in an excellent and creative way. You can get containers of different shapes and sizes at low rates from Custom Cookie Boxes Wholesale suppliers and can use different sorts of wrapping and embellishments on them. You can also use poster colors to add a little touch of your own creativity. Paste these boxes on the walls in a different style of grids and collages.

Play House

Having a playhouse is the dream of every kid, and you can make one by using empty cookie packaging. You will be required to have a number of empty cookie containers, glue, tape, paper cutter, and other essential items to execute this DIY project.

  • Take a large box, or you can also get the required construction by gluing small boxes with one and another.
  • Use cardboard sheets acquired by cut open cookie packaging to make attic for the playhouse.
  • Glue the attic with the other construction and the basic structure of the playhouse is ready
  • Use poster colors to paint the house
  • Use cardboard pieces to make the exterior such as window and doors
  • Glue the exterior on the house structure

Nameplate for Apartment

If you are living in an apartment and need a house plate, nothing can beat empty Cookie Boxes in creativity. You can simply use acrylic paint and embellishment items for this purpose.

  • Take a flat container
  • Paint it with appealing colors
  • Glue the numbers and letters on the box
  • Embellish the plate with different sorts of ribbons, and you are ready to go.

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