Decluttering for a Move

Decluttering for a Move

Moving to a new place is sometimes is necessary. You might want to change your environment or get a job transfer, making relocation inevitable. Nevertheless, you won’t leave your belongings behind. You have to pack all your valuables and get everything ready for the move. You might also want to do away with some of your old items. And this makes decluttering a crucial task. Do you want to declutter before the move? Here are tips to guide you.

1. Create extra time.

Don’t wait for the moving day to start decluttering or packing. Create some time before the moving day, and comb through each closet and room. Doing this will highlight crucial things you need to carry, excluding those you won’t require. Also, you will be able to dispose of any junk freely without a rush. If you have hired a moving company, packing your belongings won’t be a challenge. Most movers offer packing supplies and packing services to ease the process and avoid breakages.

2. Donate or sell.

While preparing for a move, you might notice that you have extra belongings you do not need anymore. These can be, for instance, your children’s clothes which don’t fit them. Some of your wears you’ve not worn for a longer time, sheets or old appliances. Such items are unnecessary and will dd to your total load. Donate them to charity or sell them at lower prices than their initial price.

3. Check the expiry date.

Before packing, check for the expiration date or try to recall when you bought it. Your pantry might contain a few items past their prime. And there’s no need to include them in your packing list. Also, go through your bathrooms; you may find expired things like shampoos and other laundry products. Once you find expired items consider decluttering them to avoid carrying items that are no longer useful.

4. Play the three boxes card.

The three-box card is a popular method for easy decluttering while tracking where everything goes. The first box contains the items that you are allowed to keep. The second is for objects that are in decent enough condition to give away when you are getting rid of them. Lastly, the third is for items that you don’t need in your new house but aren’t in good condition for donations.

Decluttering is very important before a move; however, it might be a hard decision to lose some of your belonging. Below are some benefits for decluttering, which will help ease the process before the move.

  • Lowers transportation cost 
  • Ensures efficient packing and unpacking
  • You earn some cash after a sale 
  • It makes it easy to settle in your new home.

The bottom line

The moving process is a task that requires essential preparations. There are many ways to prepare for your move, and decluttering is one of the ways we tend to forget. Therefore, consider doing away with unwanted items. This ensures that you only carry the necessary items you require in your new place.


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