Ram V Chary Talks About the Right Approach to Maintain in Terms Of Logo Design

Ram V Chary Talks About the Right Approach to Maintain in Terms Of Logo Design

Logos are extremely important to any brand.  They are the cornerstone of any good business brand, or even a personal brand. However, owing to their high importance, they can be extremely daunting to design.  One would want their business logo to explain what their company or venture is all about. A brand logo is included everywhere, right from social media posts and presentation decks to business cards and marketing material. To make sure that the logos they design is able to do such heavy lifting; one can always take pointers from blogs created by renowned graphic designers like Ram V Chary.

All big brands have good logos. The logo design has a major impact on how people perceive a brand. So naturally, one would want their brand logo to be outstanding. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind in this regard:

  • Define the brand identity:  A logo should perfectly communicate the personality of a brand. For it to be adequately effective, one needs to firstly understand what the core personality or vibe of their brand actually is. Once they have a clear idea about what makes their brand unique, it will become simpler for people to make design choices that complement and completes that picture.
  • Check out competitors: The ideal place to take inspiration from when it comes to logo design would be from the competitors.  While going through the logos of diverse business organizations, one can gain an understanding of how a good logo can be created, and emphasize on the most impactful or attractive aspects while creating a logo for their own business.  It additionally is important to set a business apart from the competition when it comes to logo design, rather than merely copying from them.  In case all other business organizations in an industry are doing monochrome, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a brand to opt for some color to stand out.
  • Make sketches: People must avoid going directly to a drawing board or a logo maker without drawing a few quick sketches of their logo first. It will be smart to draw as many sketches of a logo on a piece of paper. This will help people to actually let out various logo ideas they might have in their mind. Moreover, rather than worrying about right or wrong sketches, they should focus on the portal.

A company logo tends to have a huge impact on the first impressions created by the business. It will give the customers a general insight into the brand. All branding materials of a company will have its logo, and hence this is one aspect of graphic design a company cannot compromise with at all.  Going through the tips mentioned in the blog published by Ram V Chary and similar portals can help people to create a logo design that has the power to communicate what their company stands for, and instantly impress the target audience.


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