Eugene Bernshtam on Car Painting Jobs – How to Make Them Last?

Eugene Bernshtam on Car Painting Jobs – How to Make Them Last?

When it comes to vehicle restoration, car painting is an integral part of the project. However, before starting the car painting job, it is important for you to know how to do it correctly so that it lasts long on the vehicle. If you are fond of cars and have a unique car collection of your own, you must pay attention to car painting jobs seriously so that they last for a long time and do not rust or scrape off. 

Eugene Bernshtam is an avid car collector in the USA, and he completed his graduation from the Loyola Business School with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He received both Series 7 and Series 63 certifications for selling investment securities and was able to work for an investment banking firm straight after college. He later served several multinational companies and currently heads the commercial real estate company Avalon Holdings, LLC, along with its affiliated entities. 

He is actively involved in automobile restoration and is one of Illinois Secretary of State’s licensed auto dealers. He is also a member of the Lamborghini Club and the Ferrari Club of America. 

When it comes to car painting projects, he recommends you to do the following- 

  1. Never skip on the bodywork of the car 

When you are working on a car restoration project, you should know all the problems present on the exterior shell of the vehicle. When you get your unit, the problems on the body of the car are covered by the prevailing paint. Some cars have rust on their panels, and they are mostly covered by fiberglass for attaining the intact look. If you are working on any car paint job, you should never skip this part. 

  1. Use rustproofing and sandblasting 

Many car restorers get excited when they scrape off their old car paint to give way to new paint. However, at this stage, one needs to ensure that the repainting job has to be done with precision. While the general methods of scraping off the paint remove the old paint mostly, the more serious car restorers also target sandblasting. This ensures all the corners and creases of the car that are difficult to have a bare surface on the metal. This also ensures they are able to prepare the shell for some mandatory electric rustproofing that stops the rust from forming for several years. 

  1. Get good quality exterior coating

The first part of this paint job requires you to apply one or two layers of a clear coat that helps you attain that shimmer. According to Eugene Bernshtam, one should get some good quality exterior coating, especially if you already have the color of your choice. After allowing the paint to set properly, you should give it a good buffing after one week or so. 

After one week or so of allowing the paint to set properly, you should apply some ceramic coating as this will add to the car paint’s lifespan. 


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