Teal Swan – Best Selling International Author and Spiritual Healer Paving the Path Towards Positive Transformation

Teal Swan – Best Selling International Author and Spiritual Healer Paving the Path Towards Positive Transformation

It is possible for men and women to rise above suffering and bring positive change in their lives. Some spiritual leaders and healers guide the way so that you can conquer the darkness in your life and bring in light and love in abundance. You need the right teacher to lead the way, and, in the journey, you will realize a new, improved version of yourself with success. 

Teal Swan is the best-selling author of six books and an international speaker well-loved and respected worldwide. She is a survivor of severe abuse during her childhood. She has integrated her harrowing personal experience in life to inspire millions of men and women across the globe towards freedom, authenticity, joy, and truth. 

Healing people uniquely 

She was born in Santa Fe in New Mexico and has extrasensory abilities. It is due to these abilities that she ended up becoming a victim of suffering and pain. She admits that it is this pain and suffering that has impacted the way and how she teaches. According to her, without that phase in her life, she might have just imparted esoteric knowledge about the universe in general. She would have had no idea about real pain and suffering and how to help others deal with it. 

In her opinion, she believes she would have had just half of the picture of human existence. Due to her own pain and suffering, she has the complete picture, which has changed the way she teaches and what she teaches. 

Her goal is not to make people just feel good 

She is not recommended to people who just wish to feel good. She is a healer for those who wish to know the truth even after knowing that it will hurt. The reality here is impartial, and it is nothing personal. It just shows one what to do. 

She reflects things that revolve around the world, the universe, and humanity. In this context, both good and bad. There are certain things that the universe and the world do not wish to accept, integrate or own.

When one decides to see the real truth and reality, the non-physical and the physical reality of a specific situation is revealed. When one faces the truth and reality, they are empowered to take emotional, mental, and physical steps towards improvement based on the awareness they gather and gain. 

Teal Swan believes that the only power axis is to live in reality and witness the truth. One has to see this truth willingly. It cannot be forced on someone. A person has to decide with honesty what their actual motive should be for self-help and the practice of spirituality. However, not all the truth one learns is painful. The desire for pain relief and healing often can take one in the opposite direction so that they experience a meaningful connection and enhance their life’s quality in a great way. 


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