Simple signs that your house is suffering from water damage

Simple signs that your house is suffering from water damage

In essence, water is the source of life. It makes up most of our planet, most of our bodies and we have to consume it just to stay alive. H2O isn’t just a chemical formula, it’s the basis of life itself. However, when it comes to living, sometimes water can be a killer, especially when we talk about the aesthetics and structural integrity of particular home objects. Water damage is mostly irreversible, so it’s best to try and stop it before things get out of hand because you might be looking at super-expensive repairs. Here’s some signs that help identify water damage!

Dripping sounds

The sound of water drops can cause you to run insane if it runs for too long. However, mental aspect aside, if something is leaking (dripping) it means that the whole system isn’t hermetic and watertight anymore. Leaks could be external, but they can also be invisible to the naked eye. You might need some ingenuity on tracking the leak, but if it isn’t stopped, your furniture and other décor parts could go kaput.

Here is a simple & wholesome guide on detecting leaks.

Furniture & wood deformations

Wood needs water to survive while it’s alive. However, after wood has been processed, moisture can kill it. Especially for bathroom cabinets made of regular wood, water leaks are super dangerous. If you notice bumps and lumps on the sides of the boards, it is already too late. The time has come to replace the entire thing with the addition of fixing and eliminating the leak. Our recommendation would be to switch regular wood furniture into waterproof wood, like Shou Sugi Ban. The same applies to the siding of your home which could benefit from being waterproof but also breathable which Japanese charred wood (Shou Sugi Ban) definitely is. Interested? Check it out on



Cracks are never good. Water can get into tight gaps of your foundation or inside the walls, etc, then freeze over the winter (expand) and rupture almost any kind of structure. This is why insulation and isolation are key.

If you notice cracks, they are a very alarming sight which might need professional attention. Often times cracks in floors, walls or ceilings can announce the very surprising arrival of the need for renovation. However, only professionals can determine the severity.


Mold is a complex issue that needs cold and moisture to persist. If cold condensation appears on your windows in the morning – expect mold to strike your windowsills and the areas around the windows. The same applies to the ‘Cold’ walls.


Rotting wood needs the same conditions as mold, but it mainly attacks live materials, such as wood. Rotting wood is an irreversible state that has no permanent solution other than replacement.


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